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Hosting Peek is a free online resource that helps you find the perfect web hosting for your business requirements. 

About Us

Hosting Peek is a blog dedicated to web hosting. It was found in 2023 by Aquif Shaikh, a seasoned blogger and a web hosting expert, with the aim of helping a digital novice, as well as experts, pick the right web hosting for their business.

Despite being the new kid on the block, Hosting Peek is a reliable source of information that to the expertise of Aquif Shaikh, who has been in the web hosting field, analyzing and reviewing web hosting companies since 2016.

Our Mission

At Hosting Peek, our mission is more than just words – it's a commitment. We’re your guide when it comes to choosing a web hosting for your business.

By bringing clarity through our unbiased reviews and detailed comparisons, we empower you, whether a fledgling startup or a seasoned business, to make confident, savvy decisions that shape your robust online presence.

What We Do?

At Hosting Peek, we understand that picking the right web hosting isn't an easy choice. There are a lot of technical nitty-gritties to consider that might confuse you and lead you to making a wrong choice.

That's the reason, we do all the hard work for you. We analyze various web hosting providers and their plans. And then share the insights with you in simple, easy to understand language so that you can make an informed decision and focus on your business instead of playing around with dozens of hosting companies.

From our detailed reviews to our in-depth comparisons, we cover all the bases. We analyze each hosting plan from every angle – performance, reliability, price, customer support, scalability, and more. We, then, transform our findings into informative, easy-to-read articles that guide your selection process.

In our 'best of' lists we carefully pick the best hosting each category based on our tests, research, and expertise. So, no matter if you're looking for a cheap web hosting or a premium WordPress hosting for high traffic websites, we've got you covered.

Apart from this, we also provide you with invaluable tips and tricks, to make the most out of your current hosting. So, you don't need to hire an expert to optimize your website or troubleshoot issues with your hosting server.

Above all, we're committed to honesty and transparency. We ensure unbiasedness by keeping a firm wall between our review process and the influence of hosting companies.

But since there is no one-size-fit-all web hosting in the market, even for web hosting companies that we like and recommend, we make sure to list down all its cons so that you, as a buyer, can take the right decision.

So whether you're building your first website or managing a suite of online businesses, consider Hosting Peek as your trusted companion.

About The Author

Aquif Shaikh is a blogger, a web hosting expert, and an SEO geek from Mumbai, India. He has been reviewing web hosting providers since 2016 and is one of the renowned name in the industry.

A production engineer by qualification, he has worked in diverse domains including technical marketing, and recruitments before starting his first blog in 2015.

When not blogging or analyzing web hosting, you can find him researching SEO and watching stand-up comedy.

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