Hostinger Black Friday 2023 Deals + Live 10% Off Coupon

By Aquif Shaikh

November 24, 2023

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Hostinger Black Friday 2023 Deal - Quick Summary

  • Premium WordPress Plan: $1.99/Month
  • Business WordPress Plan: $3.49/Month
  • KVM2 VPS Plan: $6.99/Month
  • AI Website Builder: $1.99/Month
  • Start Date: 20 November 2023
  • End Date: 03 December 2023

Exclusive Coupon: Use coupon code HOSTINGPEEK to get 10% additional discount on any annual or longer duration hosting plan. 

Black Friday is the time when most hosting companies come up with their best discounts. Hostinger, too, is expected to provide great discounts through their Hostinger Black Friday deal. So, let's check out this year’s Black Friday Hostinger deals.

Hostinger Black Friday Deals 2023 Details

Hostinger's Black Friday campaign started early on 30 October 2023 and will end on 04 December 2023. During this period, Hostinger is offering their Premium WordPress plan for $2.49/month, Business WordPress plan for $3.49/month, VPS KVM2 Plan for $6.99/month, and AI Website Builder for $2.49/month.

However, later Hostinger revised their pricing, and from 20 November 2023 to 03 December 2023, Hostinger is offering the Premium WordPress plan and AI builder for $1.99/month.

How To Get Hostinger Black Friday 2023 Deals? 

You can simply follow the below instructions to grab the Hostinger Black Friday Deals for 2023.


Click on the link below to visit the home page of the Hostinger website. Please note that you might be redirected to the local version of the Hostinger website depending on your location.


Right on the home page, you can see the Hostinger Premium plan as shown below.

Hostinger Black Friday Deal Page

The Black Friday special pricing is usually available only on this plan. If you want to go with their premium plan, click Claim Deal button and proceed further.

However, if you want to get their basic shared hosting plan, or VPS Hosting, or Cloud Hosting, first select the appropriate option from the Menu on top right corner. Then select the desired plan on the page that opens.

Please note: Our exclusive coupon code, which offers a 10% discount, is available for all hosting plans of annual or longer duration.


No matter what plan you choose in step 2, you'll be redirected to the Hostinger Cart where you can choose the duration of your plan. Here, as shown below, you can see the monthly pricing and the renewal pricing for various durations.

Hostinger Black Friday Cart Pricing

Pro Tip: Since the renewal costs are higher, I recommend going with the maximum-duration plans.


Once you select the duration, you can see the total amount you need to pay, including any taxes.


Next, scroll down to the Coupon section and add the coupon WHB to get a flat 10% discount on all hosting products in your cart. Below image shows the discounted pricing after applying our exclusive coupon for a 12-month premium plan.

Hostinger Black Friday Cart Promo


Next, proceed to make the payment and complete your purchase.

Pro Tip: After your purchase is complete, Hostinger offers great onboarding. Just follow the instructions to grab the domain name, choose a data center, and create a beautiful WordPress website.

History Of Hostinger

Hostinger started its operations way back in 2004 under the brand name Hosting Media. However, in 2011, they rebranded Hosting Media to its current name, Hostinger.

With over 2 million users as of July 2023, Hostinger is one of the most popular web hosting brands in the world. Apart from the Hostinger brand, they also manage the free web hosting brand

Niagahoster and Hosting24 are Hostinger's sub-brands that cater to the Indonesian and Brazilian markets, respectively. The popular Zyro Page Builder is also part of the Hostinger group.

Which Hostinger Plan Should I Get?

Hostinger offers several hosting products to cater to the requirements of different websites. Below are the popular products available at Hostinger:

1. Shared Hosting

Hostinger is mostly known for its affordable shared hosting plans, which are way cheaper than the rest in the market. Despite the cheap pricing, every Hostinger shared hosting plan comes with LiteSpeed Webserver and LiteSpeed Cache plugin pre-installed, making your website fast right out of the box.

2. WordPress Hosting

The WordPress hosting plans are almost identical to the shared hosting plans. However, there is no basic plan for WordPress hosting, so unless you want to get the basic hosting plan, you can choose any of the two hosting plans.

Whether you choose the shared hosting, or WordPress hosting option, Hostinger is one of the fastest WordPress hosting in the UK

3. Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a highly misused term in the web hosting industry. It usually refers to VPS Hosting that uses a Cloud environment. However, in Hostinger's case, the Cloud Hosting plans are nothing but Shared Hosting plans with more resources, and Cloudlinux to restrict resources.

Here, we must understand that even though accounts are restricted from using resources over the allotted value, the resources are still shared, unlike VPS Cloud, where you get dedicated resources.

4. VPS Hosting

Hostinger offers two different types of VPS hosting. The first one is typical VPS, while the second is their CyberPanel VPS that comes with OpenLiteSpeed, LSCache, MariaDB database, and a simple and intuitive control panel.

Of course, the Hostinger Black Friday deal is usually only available on the Premium Shared Hosting plan. So keep that in mind.

Pros and cons of Hostinger

Below are the pros, and cons of Hostinger

Pros Of Hostinger

  • Affordable Pricing: Hostinger is one of the most affordably priced hosting companies.
  • LiteSpeed Webserver: Hostinger offers LiteSpeed Webserver even for their entry-level shared hosting plan.
  • Great New User Onboarding: With Hostinger, you can follow the instructions after purchase to set up your domain name, choose data centers, and create a beautiful WordPress website within minutes.
  • Global Data Centers: Hostinger offers more data centers compared to competitors including GoDaddy, A2 Hosting, Bluehost, and more.

Cons Of Hostinger

  • Average Support: The speed and quality of Hostinger support are about average.
  • Fake FOMO: Even though Hostinger’s pricing remains the same for the most part, their sales page makes it look like the deal is ending soon, creating fake FOMO.

Reasons For Getting Hostinger Black Friday 2023 Deal

Below are some of the reasons why you must not miss this Hosting Black Friday Deal:

1. Best Pricing

Like other hosting companies, Hostinger offers their best pricing during Black Friday. So if you miss it, you'll need to spend more to get the same hosting.

2. Discounts For Longer Duration

Most hosting companies offer the initial discount for a 1-month to 3-year period, with a majority offering it for the first year. However, Hostinger extends their initial discount for up to 4 years.

3. LiteSpeed Webserver

While most hosting companies either don’t offer LiteSpeed WebServer or restrict them to their top-tier plans, Hostinger offers the same even with its entry-level plan.

4. Great Uptime

As of the time of writing this article, Hostinger’s uptime for the previous 6 months was a solid 99.96%, on par with industry standards.

5. Great User Onboarding

Hostinger’s new user onboarding powered by Starter Templates is among the best. After completing the purchase, follow the instructions to set up your hosting and create a beautiful website within minutes.

6. More Data Centers

Hostinger offers more data centers than most of its competitors. This allows you to choose a data center near your target audience for reduced latency and faster website loading time.

FAQs About Hostinger Black Friday 2023 Deal

Below are some frequently asked questions about the Hostinger Black Friday Deal for 2023:

1. When is Black Friday in 2023

In 2023, Black Friday is on November 24, 2023.

2. When Is Cyber Monday in 2023? 

In 2023, Cyber Monday is on November 27, 2023.

3. When will the Hostinger Black Friday 2023 Deal start?

The Hosting Black Friday Deal is expected to start towards the end of October 2023.

4. When will the Hostinger Black Friday deal end? 

We are yet to receive details of Hostinger’s Black Friday end date. Please keep an eye on this page for updates on the Hostinger Black Friday 2023 deals.

5. During Black Friday, will I get discounts on all Hosting Plans?

For now, Hostinger has not announced its Black Friday deals. However, going by the previous years’ trends, Hostinger is likely to restrict the Black Friday discounts to only their Premium Shared Hosting plan. 

6. Will I get discounts on Hostinger web hosting renewals during Black Friday?

Hostinger and most other hosting companies restrict the Black Friday discounts for new accounts, and no discounts are provided on web hosting renewals.

Final Words

Hostinger is a popular hosting company that offers affordable hosting solutions. So, if you are looking for an affordable, and fast hosting solution for your business, you can avail of Hostinger’s best possible pricing during Black Friday Sale.

However, if you aren't really sure about getting Hostinger, and looking for other options, do check out A2 Hosting Black Friday 2023 Deals.

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