8 Best High Traffic WordPress Hosting Providers In 2024

By Aquif Shaikh

March 12, 2024

8Are you looking for a high-traffic WordPress Hosting provider that can scale up with your growing website? If that's a yes, you are in the right place.

After extensive tests and research, I have compiled this list of high-traffic WordPress hosting providers that you can choose to host your WordPress website. So, without further ado, let us get straight to the list of the best WordPress hosting for high traffic.

8 Best High Traffic WordPress Hosting Providers For 2024

Hosting Provider

Server Location

Hosting Type

Starting Price
(Monthly Billing)




Several Locations

WordPress Optimized Managed Cloud VPS
(Fully Managed WP Coming Soon)

(Minimum $0.5 Extra For Offsite Backups)

25% Off For 3 Months
(Promo Code: BO25)

Liquid Web

US, UK, Netherlands, and Australia

Fully Managed WordPress
(Shared + VPS)


55% Off For 3 Months
(Offer Changes Often)


Several Locations

Fully Managed WordPress
(Shared + VPS)




Several Locations

Fully Managed WordPress
(LXD Containers Isolation)



WP Engine

Several Locations

Fully Managed WordPress
(Shared + VPS)


20% Discount (Monthly)  Or 4 Months Free (Annual)
(Link Activation)


US, UK, Canada, Belgium, and Australia

Fully Managed WordPress




US And Netherlands

Fully Managed WordPress




Several Locations

Fully Managed WordPress




Best WordPress Hosting For High Traffic Website In 2024

Below is the list of WordPress hosting providers that I recommend for high-traffic websites

1. Cloudways

Cloudways Logo


Overall Rating

Summary: Cloudways is an affordable hosting solution that is highly scalable. However, it is not fully managed. So, you cannot expect to get WordPress-specific support. Though, auto-scalable Fully-managed WordPress hosting is expected to be launched soon.

Quick Overview:

  • Hosting Type: Managed Cloud VPS
  • Customer Support Type: Server Only 
  • Server Location: Multiple data centers worldwide
  • Pricing: Starting $11/Month ($0.5 Compulsory Offsite backup charges extra)
  • Traffic Handling Capacity: Extremely High.
  • CDN: Cloudflare Enterprise (Available as paid add-on)

Exclusive Cloudways Promo Code: Get 25% off for 3 months by using Promo Code BO25

Pros Of Cloudways

  • Highly scalable right from 1GB RAM to 384GB RAM
  • Extremely affordable pricing
  • Multiple data centers across the globe
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN available at affordable pricing
  • No restriction on the use of any WordPress plugins
  • You can use it to host multiple applications. For example, you can have an optimized Magento Store along with an optimized WordPress blog on the same server.

Cons Of Cloudways

  • Only Server-managed. WordPress-specific support is not available.
  • Email hosting and transactional emails are available only available as paid add-ons.
  • Control panel is a bit complex.

About Cloudways

Established in 2012 and headquartered in Malta, Cloudways is one of the most popular providers of Managed hosting solutions. In 2022, Digital Ocean, a popular cloud hosting provider, acquired Cloudways.

Currently, Cloudways does not offer fully-managed WordPress solutions. Rather, they allow you to select a server from Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform) and then add their control panel, firewall, and WordPress-optimized server stack to offer Managed WordPress solutions.

With the current plan, you also create optimized instances for WooCommerce, Magento, Laravel, and more on the same server as your Managed WordPress hosting.

Talking about scalability, Cloudways has options starting with a 1 GB RAM server and going up to a 192 GB RAM server with Digital Ocean. So, you can start small and scale up as your website grows.

In fact, with AWS, you can go up to 384GB RAM server. And since Cloudways offers easy server cloning, moving from Digital Ocean to AWS or GCP or vice versa is smooth.

Since Digital Ocean, GCP, and AWS have servers across the globe, you are likely to find a server close to your target audience. That's a huge plus with Cloudways.

Also, Cloudways is on the verge of launching an auto-scalable fully-managed WordPress plan. With this new product, you will be charged for the number of visitors to your website.

Whether you get these visitors evenly distributed across a month or get all of them in a few minutes, Cloudways auto-scaling will handle the load and bill you only for the visitors to your website.

Overall, Cloudways is a great choice for your business if you are looking to host a high-traffic WordPress website at an affordable price.

2. Nexcess (Liquid Web)

Nexcess Logo


Overall Rating

Summary: Liquid Web is a premium web hosting provider that is primarily into providing enterprise grade hosting solutions. Nexcess, it's sub brand, that is soon to be integrated into Liquid web, offers fully managed WordPress hosting solutions at affordable pricing. Despite its affordable tag, Nexcess does offer some really cool WordPress-specific features like Plugin performance monitor.

Quick Overview:

  • Hosting Type: Shared + Customized Solutions
  • Customer Support Type: Hosting + WordPress
  • Server Location: US, UK, Netherlands, and Australia
  • Pricing: Starting $21/Month
  • Traffic Handling Capacity: Very High
  • CDN: Edge CDN powered by Cloudflare

Pros Of Nexcess

  • Customized plans available that are tailored as per your requirements
  • No restrictions on the usage of any plugins
  • Object Cache Pro is available for free
  • Built-in Edge CDN powered by Cloudflare that comes with POPs in 280+ cities
  • Plugin performance monitor and other important WordPress-specific tools
  • Free iThemes Security Pro plugin with all the plans

Cons Of Nexcess

  • There are a few complaints regarding delayed responses from customer support
  • Data centers in relatively fewer counties. None in Asia and Africa.

About Nexcess

Nexcess is a sub-brand of Liquid Web, which is primarily known for its enterprise-grade web hosting solutions that include Cloud VPS, Dedicated Servers, HIPAA Dedicated Servers, Cloud Dedicated Servers, VMWare Private Cloud, Server Clusters and more. While the Managed CMS solutions including Managed WordPress, Managed WooCommerce, and Managed Magento are now part of Nexcess, it's soon to be integeated into Liquid Web.

As against several hosting companies on this list, Nexcess does not restrict the number of visitors to a website. It doesn't even provide dedicated resources like Cloudways. Rather, it has put a restriction on the number of websites hosted, Bandwidth used as well as the number of PHP workers.

Even the base plan offers access to 10+ PHP workers and 2TB Bandwidth which should be sufficient for most websites. The highest plan, as listed on the pricing page gives you access to 60+ PHP workers and 10TB Bandwidth. However, if you have a larger website, you can contact Nexcess team to get a solution customized for your use case. 

Coming to the server locations, Nexcess has 4 data centers in the US (Southfield, Dearborn, San Jose, and Miami), two in the UK ( Surrey and Sussex), and one each in Netherlands and Australia. While Nexcess lacks servers in Asia and Africa, it offers a free Edge CDN powered by Cloudflare with global presence.

3. Rocket.Net

Rocket.Net Logo


Overall Rating

Summary: Rocket.net is an Edge-first Private Cloud hosting provider that automatically optimizes your website on the fly and leverages Cloudflare Enterprise Edge CDN to make sure the website is served from an edge location nearest to your target audience for quick page load times.

Quick Overview:

  • Hosting Type: Shared + VPS
  • Customer Support Type: Hosting + WordPress
  • Server Location: Multiple (Edge First Technology)
  • Pricing: Starting $30/Month
  • Traffic Handling Capacity: Very High
  • CDN: Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

Pros Of Rocket.Net

  • Fully Managed WordPress Hosting with images and codes optimized on the fly
  • Edge-first technology powered by Cloudflare Enterprise CDN that caches not just static files, but also dynamic HTML on the edge for faster response times.
  • No restrictions on the use of cache, performance, or any other WordPress plugins (Except nulled plugins and themes)
  • Object Cache Pro is available with all the plans.
  • Enterprise plans come with dedicated CPU and RAM to make sure your website is not affected by bad neighbors.
  • Fast customer support with an average response time of under 49 seconds (claimed)

Cons Of Rocket.Net

  • Email hosting no available

About Rocket.Net

Rocket.Net is one of the youngest hosting providers on this list. They started their operations in 2020. However, within no time, they have become quite popular through word of mouth owing to their highly-optimized WordPress plans and incredible customer service. 

Rocket.Net uses Edge-first technology wherein your entire website, including static assets like JSS, CSS, and images, and dynamic assets like HTML are served from the edge locations that are powered by Cloudflare Enterprise CDN. So, no matter what part of the world your target audience is from, they will always get content served from a nearby Edge location leading to lower server response times.

As for the Hosting Server, they do not rely on a single Cloud provider. Rather they have their infra distributed among various hosting companies. They use Private Cloud to minimize downtime due to server failures.

Also, Rocket.net optimizes your code as well as images on the fly. This combined with the Edge caching makes sure your website loads insanely fast out-of-the-box with zero tweaks. And for the tech geeks who'd like to further optimize their website, unlike Kinsta, WP Engine, and other Managed WordPress hosts, Rocket.Net does not restrict you from using any performance plugins.

Their normal plans are based on the number of visitors to your website and use a shared environment. However, their Enterprise plans offer dedicated resources like CPU and RAM and so, are ideal for extreme traffic WordPress websites.

4. WP Engine

WP Engine Logo Vertical


Overall Rating

Summary: WP Engine is a popular Managed WordPress hosting provider that powers websites for some of the biggest brands. While their entry-level plans use a shared hosting environment, they do offer custom plans with dedicated resources.

Quick Overview:

  • Hosting Type: Shared + VPS
  • Customer Support Type: Hosting + WordPress
  • Server Location: Multiple (GCP + AWS Servers)
  • Pricing: Starting $20/Month (Special Discounted Price)
  • Traffic Handling Capacity: Very High
  • CDN: Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

Pros Of WP Engine

  • Popular Managed WordPress Hosting that powers websites of top brands
  • Fully Managed hosting solutions
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN included with all the plans
  • Server-level caching with NGINX webserver
  • Since WP Engine uses GCP servers for their base plans with an option of AWS servers for enterprise plans, you have the option of selecting from several data centers across the globe.
  • Geolocation targeting, available as an optional addon

Cons Of WP Engine

  • Huge list of restricted plugins that you cannot use if hosted with WP Engine
  • Emails are severely limited, and as per the official statement suitable for only basic emails like password resets and other system emails
  • No .htaccess support

About WP Engine

WP Engine is a premium enterprise-grade Managed WordPress hosting company that powers websites for some of the top brands. This also means it is a bit on the expensive side and hence not suitable for bloggers and other businesses that have a low profit-to-traffic ratio.

The basic plans of WP Engine use servers from the Google Cloud Platform. However, for custom enterprise solutions, users also have the option to go for AWS servers. So, whether you stick with GCP or AWS, you have a lot of data center locations available to choose from.

As for the CDN, each WP Engine plan offers free Cloudflare Enterprise CDN. However, even though Cloudflare does have POPs in China, WP Engine currently does not support the same.

The basic plans of WP Engine as listed on their pricing page support up to 400K monthly visitors, beyond which you can talk to their sales team to get a customized offer for your needs.

Also, before moving to WordPress, you must make sure that all the plugins you use are supported by WP Engine as it has a long list of disallowed plugins. As for caching and performance plugins, you can only use WP Rocket if you chose to host with WP Engine.

5. Kinsta

Kinsta Logo


Overall Rating

Summary: Kinsta is a premium Managed WordPress hosting provider that hosts your website on the Google Cloud Platform. It offers server-level WordPress optimized caching to reduce your website's load time. However, they do restrict several WordPress plugins including WordPress Caching and performance plugins except WP Rocket

Quick Overview:

  • Hosting Type: Shared + Dedicated Server
  • Customer Support Type: Server + WordPress
  • Server Location: Multiple (GCP Servers)
  • Pricing: Starting $35/Month
  • Traffic Handling Capacity: Very High
  • CDN: Cloudflare Enterprise CDN Included

Pros Of Kinsta

  • Best-in-class server infrastructure with the latest C2 Servers from the Google Cloud Platform
  • Several data centers across the globe (GCP data centers)
  • Customized dedicated servers available for extremely high-traffic websites
  • Cloudflare Enterprise CDN with edge caching is included with all the Kinsta plans
  • Free malware removal

Cons Of Kinsta

  • Lower PHP worker limit means your website cannot handle traffic spikes.
  • Several WordPress plugins are restricted. Among caching and optimization plugins, only WP Rocket is allowed

About Kinsta

Kinsta is a London-based, Fully Managed WordPress hosting company that started operations in 2013. It's one of the several Managed WordPress hosting companies that offer best-in-class infra at a premium pricing.

Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform's C2 machines for hosting your website. And so, you have the option to choose from one of the 30+ data centers of GCP.

For extremely high traffic websites, that have traffic beyond what's listed on their pricing page, Kinsta does offer customized dedicated server options that can be tailored as per your requirement. Talking about the CDN, Kinsta offers free Cloudflare Enterprise CDN with Edge caching with each of its plans.

Like several other Managed WordPress hosting companies, Kinsta too has a restriction on the use of several WordPress plugins. For WordPress optimization, you can only use the WP Rocket plugin. So, make sure to check out their banned plugin list page before moving your website to them.

6. Flywheel

Flywheel Logo


Overall Rating

Summary: Flywheel is a Managed WordPress hosting provider specially designed for Web Developers, Web Designers, and agencies. Apart from the regular plans, they offer customized hosting solutions to handle websites getting millions of visitors.

Quick Overview:

  • Hosting Type: Not clear
  • Customer Support Type: Server + WordPress
  • Server Location: US, Canada, UK, Belgium, and Australia
  • Pricing: Starting $15/Month
  • Traffic Handling Capacity: High
  • CDN: Fastly CDN Included

Pros Of Flywheel

  • Self-owned data centers located in the US, Canada, Belgium, the UK, and Australia
  • Free CDN powered by Fastly
  • Platform optimized for freelance developers and agencies with features like the ability to add and collaborate with team members, request client billing, and transfer website to client.
  • Customized solutions for high-traffic WordPress websites.
  • Auto-healing technology for better uptime
  • Free support for cleaning up a hacked website
  • Several Studiopress themes included with all the plans

Cons Of Flywheel

  • A long list of disallowed plugins
  • NGINX webserver with no support for the .htaccess file
  •  All plans are restricted by the number of visits
  • PHP workers limit is not defined clearly and is restricted as per "Plan Parameters"

About Flywheel

Flywheel is a Fully Managed WordPress Hosting provider that was founded in the year 2012. In 2019, WP Engine, another Managed WordPress hosting provider, acquired Flywheel.

Flywheel offers Managed WordPress hosting solutions tailored for developers and designers, both, freelancers and agencies. Their developer and agency-friendly features include the ability to add team members for collaboration, transferring websites to clients, and more.

Flywheel is one of the few hosting companies on this list that has its own datacenters. The server locations include the US, Canada, the UK, Belgium, and Australia. They also offer a free CDN powered by Fastly with all plans.

Since Flywheel uses NGINX Webserver, they don't support .htaccess files. Also, they have a considerably long list of disallowed plugins which you should check before moving over your website to Flywheel.

7. Pressable

Pressable Logo


Overall Rating

Summary: Pressable is a Fully Managed WordPress hosting provider that leverages Cloud hosting technology for better uptime. They have datacenters in the US and Netherlands and offer a free CDN of their own with 28+ POPs for lower response times.

Quick Overview:

  • Hosting Type: Shared Fully Managed WordPress
  • Customer Support Type: Server + WordPress
  • Server Location: 3 in the US and 1 in the Netherlands
  • Pricing: Starting $25/Month
  • Traffic Handling Capacity: Very High
  • CDN: Own CDN Included

Pros Of Pressable

  • Free Pressable CDN with all the plans
  • PHP workers scalable to 100+ for better handling traffic spikes
  • Customized solutions available for high-traffic
  • Free hack-recovery assistance

Cons Of Pressable

About Pressable

Pressable was founded in the year 2010 as Zippykid. It provides Cloud-based Fully Managed WordPress hosting solutions. In 2016, Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com, acquired Pressable.

Pressable has plans that allow traffic of up to 2 million visitors per month. However, if you have higher traffic, Pressable also offers customized plans tailored to your requirements.

Pressable has datacenters only in the US and Netherlands. This is a huge drawback for Pressable. Although, they offer a free CDN of its own, that too is limited to just 28+ POPs.

Like several other hosting companies on this list, Pressable too uses NGINX Webserver with no support for .htaccess files. There is also a restriction on the use of some WordPress plugins.

On the positive side, Pressable is lenient when it comes to PHP workers and can scale it up to 100+ for handling traffic spikes. Jetpack Security Daily is included with all the Personal and above plans.

8. Pagely

Pagely Logo


Overall Rating

Summary: Pagely is a Fully Managed WordPress hosting provider that is specifically designed for high-traffic WordPress websites. It offers Cloud VPS solutions powered by Amazon EC2 Servers that do not restrict the number of visitors or PHP workers.

Quick Overview:

  • Hosting Type: VPS-based Fully Managed WordPress
  • Customer Support Type: Server + WordPress
  • Server Location: Multiple datacenters across the globe.
  • Pricing: Starting $375/Month
  • Traffic Handling Capacity: Very High
  • CDN: PressCDN CDN Included (Powered by Amazon Cloudfront)

Pros Of Pagely

  • Fully Managed WordPress hosting powered by Amazon EC2 Servers
  • You can choose from several of the Amazon EC2 data centers
  • Free PressCDN powered by Amazon CloudFront
  • HTML Edge caching for lower response times and hence fast page load times.
  • Private Database with options to choose from MariaDB, MySQL, and Aurora.
  • Offsite Backups to Amazon S3 Servers
  • No restriction on the number of users

Cons Of Pagely

About Pagely

Pagely is one of the oldest names in the Fully Managed WordPress Hosting domain. It was founded in 2009 in Arizona, US by Joshua and Sally Strebel. In 2021, GoDaddy acquired Pagely.

Pagely is one of the few Managed WordPress hosting providers that offers Cloud-based Amazon EC2 Servers. So, each of the Pagely plans come with dedicated resources.

The dedicated resources also mean that there is no restriction on the number of visitors to your website. PHP workers too can be customized as per your WordPress website's requirements. However, despite the dedicated resources, Pagely does restrict the use of several Wordpress plugins.

As for the technology part, Pagely uses PressDNS that utilizes Route 53 for lower latency. You also get free access to Amazon Cloudfront-powered PressCDN that supports HTML caching. 

As for the Webserver, Pagely uses NGINX with Apache as a reverse proxy. However, those who are willing to compromise on .htaccess support in exchange for faster speeds can also go with the NGINX-only option.

For database, Pagely uses private Database instances with an option to choose from MySQL, MariaDB, and Aurora. Pagely also offers free offsite backups to Amazon S3 Servers.

Key Factors To Consider While Choosing High Traffic WordPress Hosting

Choosing the right hosting is crucial for high-traffic WordPress websites as any downtime or security lapses can lead to a huge loss in your business. So, below are the factors that you should consider while choosing the best High Traffic WordPress Hosting

1. Scalability

The web hosting that you choose should be easy to scale up as your website grows. While scaling up is crucial, scaling down is also important so that you can scale up during sale time or product launches and then scale down to save on your bills.

2. Handle Traffic Spikes

Traffic to your website can vary throughout the day with spikes during peak hours and also sale period. Your hosting provider should be able to handle such traffic spikes.

3. Server Location

The closer your web hosting server is to your target audience, the lower the response times. This ensures faster website load times. So, make sure your web hosting provider has a server near to your target audience.

4. CDN With Edge Caching

High-traffic WordPress websites can greatly put stress on your server. By using a CDN that supports Edge caching of HTML elements, you can server your visitors directly from a CDN endpoint. This, not only reduces the load on your server but also speeds up your website load time for people far away from your web hosting server location.

5. Server Backups

Your WordPress Hosting provider should offer daily or hourly backups preferably to offsite servers to make sure in case of a hacked website or server failure, your data is not lost.

6. WordPress-Specific Support

You can get Managed VPS for high traffic websites for cheap. However, most businesses pay more for Managed WordPress hosting to get WordPress-specific support. So, make sure your hosting company offers the same with a quick response and query resolution time.

7. Security

Security is a key point to consider when choosing a web hosting provider for High-traffic websites as they are a popular target for hackers. So, make sure your WordPress hosting provider offers SSL, Web Application Firewall, and features like free Malware removal and hacking recovery, just in case your website gets affected.

8. Pricing

Last, but not the least, pricing is a critical factor for you to consider when choosing a high-traffic WordPress provider. While you should definitely not settle for a cheap low-quality hosting provider, you should ensure that the hosting costs don't eat up all your business profits.

Final Words

There are several high-traffic WordPress Hosting providers in the market. We have seen the pros and cons of each one of them that can help you to make the right decision.

As for my recommendation, Nexcess is a good choice if you are looking for a Managed WordPress hosting that does not restrict the number of users or put any restrictions on the use of WordPress plugins, and is also easy on your pockets.

If you don't mind the monthly visitor restriction, Rocket.net is a great choice. And, if you can do away with WordPress-specific support for affordable pricing, Cloudways is a good choice

Of course, what hosting is the best for you depends on your use case, your technical expertise, as well as your budget. So, make sure to go through the pros and cons of each web hosting provider on this list before getting one.

About Aquif Shaikh

Aquif Shaikh is a blogger, and a web hosting expert from Mumbai, India. He's been trying, testing and reviewing web hosting companies since 2016. When not blogging, he loves watching standup comedy and trying different cuisines. He is a big time foodie, and a die-hard Biryani fan.

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